Town Council

Tenbury Town Council

Tenbury Town Council is based at The Pump Rooms in the centre of Tenbury Wells.

The Council has 13 members who are elected from two wards, St. Michaels Ward and Tenbury Town.

St. Michael’s ward elects 2 Councillors, Tenbury Town elects 11 Councillors.

Councillors take on specific areas of responsibility for Facilities (formerly Premises & Amenities), Finance, Planning and various task groups.

The Town Council employs a Clerk who is the Proper Officer (a statutory post) of the council.

In this locality, the Town Council is the first of three tiers of local government, the next levels being the District and County Councils. Each are responsible for different issues which concern Parishioners. This website is specifically for information about Tenbury Town Council but you can follow these links for more information about: Malvern Hills District Council, and Worcestershire County Council.