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The Burgage

The Burgage

The Burgage derives its name from the mediaeval term for enclosed fields extending the confines of a town, for which tenants (burgesses) paid a cash rent instead of, as previously, feudal service.  Many of the buildings on either side of Teme Street also retain long garden plots dating back this period – a testament to the length of time, which Tenbury has been a settled and thriving community.

The Burgage today is one of Tenbury’s prettiest recreation areas with beautiful river views and many handsome trees.

There is a large open playing area used by many and home to the Applefest in October and the Round Table Bonfire in November.

Near the Teme St entrance you will also find a Children’s Play Area, Tennis Courts, the Bowling Green and the Civic Garden.

All of these areas are maintained by the Town Council Groundsman who can be contacted on 07974 436838.


The Burgage Tenbury Wells Tennis Courts Tenbury Wells Bowling Green Tenbury Wells Childrens Playground Tenbury Wells