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Annual Accounts

The Town Council has a statutory duty to report its Annual Accounts and to submit an Annual Return for External Audit.  Electors have a statutory right to inspect the financial accounts of the Council details of which are published here annually.  Electors may also inspect the papers at the Council Offices within the time frames on the various notices shown below.

The Town Council publishes monthly updates on its financial position as part of the minutes of each Finance & Staffing Committee meeting.

Annual Accounts and Audit

Year Ending

Notice of Date for Exercise

of Electors Rights

Annual Accounts Annual Return Conclusion Notice


YE 31/03/2016 YE 31/03/2016
YE 31/03/2016
 31/03/15 YE 31/03/2015
   YE 31/03/2015   
   YE 31/03/2015   
 YE 31/03/2015
 31/03/14  YE 31/03/2014 YE 31/03/2014
 YE 31/03/2014 YE 31/03/2014
 31/03/13   YE 31/03/2013
31/03/12   YE 31/03/2012    
31/03/11   YE 31/03/2011    
31/03/10   YE 31/03/2010    

Annual Accounts - Below are the annual accounts for the Town Council from prior years

Accounts YE 31/03/2009      Accounts YE 31/03/2008      Accounts YE 31/03/2007

Accounts YE 31/03/2006      Accounts YE 31/03/2005      Accounts YE 31/03/2004

Accounts YE 31/03/2003      Accounts YE 31/03/2002      Accounts YE 31/03/2001