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Tenbury Area Partnership (TAP) was set up in 2004 to prepare a town and parish plan to ensure Burford & Tenbury Wells were an integral part of strategic decisions at district and county levels (the original plan was published in April 2004). The Community Bus and the Applefest event were just two of the successful projects born out of the original Community Plan.

TAP is an unincorporated association that includes representatives from County, District, Town & Parish Councils as well as community bodies such as the Chamber of Trade, Tourist Information and local schools.

The aim of the partnership is to encourage collaborative working and coordination between public, voluntary and business organisations, accessing funding and developing strategies for civic and community projects ensuring they reflect local need and advising public bodies on further action.

In Spring 2011 it was felt that the original plan was in need of a review, so the Partnership set about overseeing this task. Opinion was canvassed with a ‘Mad, Sad and Glad?’ survey sent to all local homes and toured around local events.

The updated plan was published in 2012 along with a Community Action Plan  agreed by all bodies which is now regularly reviewed and monitored for progress. 

Click here to view the Burford and Tenbury Wells Community Plan 2012

Click here to see progress against the Community Action Plan

Tenbury Area Partnership meets approximately once a quarter. If you are interested in getting involved please contact the Town Clerk and she will put you in contact with the group.

Community Plan

What is a Community Plan?

A Community Plan is a critical and in depth survey of a community, carried out by the community itself. The aim of the survey is to collect the views and opinions of the people who live and work in that community and from this information find out how the community sees itself developing over the next 5 to 10 years. An action plan is then devised based on the community's views, which identifies what steps the community needs to take to move itself forward from its present position to achieve its vision for the future of the community.

Who produces it?

The community itself, working through volunteers, carries out the survey, creates the action plan and implements the actions. It is a Community Plan Group that steers and drives the project, usually in collaboration and co-operation with the Town Council, the Local Authority and a wide range of other agencies and partners.

How is it produced?

Drawing up a Community Plan offers a great opportunity to bring together everyone in the community to work together and decide where the Town is going in the future. It will take time, energy and commitment and will be achieved through:


1. Initial community consultation;

2. Information and data gathering;

3. Data analysis;

4. Formulation of action plan;

5. Implementation of actions;

6. Ongoing monitoring and review.


Why produce one?

Producing a Community Plan will bring about a wide range of benefits for our community, including:


1. Engendering community spirit;

2. Unleashing hidden talents;

3. Providing valuable information;

4. Identifying sources of funding;

5. Forming new partnerships;

6. Achieving tangible outcomes such as receiving grant funding, developing local facilities and setting up youth facilities.


Click here to see the Burford & Tenbury Wells Community Plan 2012

Click here to see progress against the Community Action Plan