Surveys and Questionnaires

Business Questionnaire 2017

A Neighbourhood Development Plan [NDP] results from the Localism Act, encouraging communities to be involved in shaping planning related matters in their local area.

The NDP is examined at District and Government level to ensure that it does not contravene national policies.

It also requires evidence that the proposed policies are not just opinions but are based on evidence gained from the community.

The policies will cover such subjects as Good sustainable design, Local Heritage assets, better Employment opportunities, Flooding, Town Centre vitality, Tourism, future Housing and Landscape.

Business, Employment, Tourism and Town Centre vibrancy are important contributors to a successful community.

In order to accurately report on these matters, the NDP Steering Group has prepared this Business Questionnaire.

The response to this will inform our evidence base to demonstrate the importance of these areas in maintaining a successful community.

Please take the time to respond, it is important to demonstrate that we have reached out to our Business community and their views are represented.