Steering Group

Preparation of the Plan is being co-ordinated by the Steering Group who currently meet every month.

Members are drawn from the communities of Burford and Tenbury. If you would be interested in becoming more involved in the Steering Group please let us know.

Current Steering Group members are:

Rosemary Day, Mary Drummond, Eric Hudson, Caroline Palethorpe, David Patrick, Liz Thomas, Liz Weston.

Planning Consultations

The Steering Group have appointed a firm of planning consultants to help guide them through creation of the plan. The Consultants role is to offer advice and to ensure that the final plan proposed for referendum is legally sound and meets all of the necessary criteria for approval.

After interview the Steering Group selected Kirkwells for this important role. Kirkwells have a lot of local experience having previously worked on Little Hereford, Leominster and Chaddesly Corbett plans.

Funding for this appointment is through the central government grant scheme (set up to help communities make a plan) plus contributions from both Tenbury Town Council and Burford Parish Council.


As lead council in this joint plan Tenbury Town Council have applied for grant funding. A grant of up to £9000 is available from the Groundworks scheme set up by the Government. Applications are made on a staged basis as work progresses. So far Tenbury & Burford NDP has been awarded £5840 toward the cost of preparing the plan.

Scheduled Meeting dates are as follows:

Next meeting to be confirmed.