The Market Town of Tenbury Wells

Tenbury Wells is a small ancient market town situated in the very north west of Worcestershire on the A456, close to the borders of Herefordshire and Shropshire.

It is separated from south Shropshire by the fast flowing River Teme, which begins its journey in mid Wales.

Tenbury is 35 miles south west of England’s second major city, Birmingham, and 25 miles from the border between England and Wales. The town nestles peacefully in the beautiful Teme Valley that is under-explored.

The area is still largely unspoilt farming country and perfect for walking in the delightful countryside of the Teme Valley.

Tenbury had the ‘Wells’ added to its name in the mid 19th century to help promote the Mineral Water Wells that had been found in the town from 1840 onwards. The mineral waters brought about the building in 1862 of the now restored Tenbury Spa, or Pump Rooms as it is generally known.

The town is a good base for discovering other areas of the Teme Valley and beyond. It is close to some excellent walks and has variety of interesting shops. Tenbury lies in an area known for growing hops and cider apples. “The Town in the Orchard”.

Queen Victoria referred to Tenbury as ”my little town in the orchard” The affection could not have been more appropriate

Welcome to Tenbury Wells

Whichever route is taken into Tenbury, you will pass through beautiful countryside.

When you arrive in the town, you will be met with a warm and friendly welcome.

Why is this? If you are a local resident who was born and bred here, or if you have moved here from another part of the country, you appreciate its many amenities and attractions.

It is unusual for a small town to have an historic entertainment venue such as The Regal, a swimming pool and leisure facility, many sporting activities to suit young and old, a small hospital in Burford and a central Doctor's surgery, two parish churches at St. Mary's and St. Michael's together with other denominations, a national supermarket but with many individually owned shops, an expanding Business Park, Tenbury Transport Trust and thriving community groups.

Like many rurally located communities, we are not without our concerns but on the whole, it is a good place to live.

When you visit, please call at the Tourist Information Centre, visit The Pump Rooms and follow the Hidden Tenbury Trail.

Mayor of Tenbury - Cllr. Eric Hudson

The Mayor of Tenbury - Cllr Eric Hudson

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